Visuddhimagga VII-27

132. Apica cakkhuṃ dukkhasaccaṃ, tassa mūlakāraṇabhāvena samuṭṭhāpikā purimataṇhā samudayasaccaṃ, ubhinnaṃ appavatti nirodhasaccaṃ, nirodhapajānanā paṭipadā maggasaccanti evaṃ ekekapaduddhārenāpi sabbadhamme sammā sāmañca buddho, esa nayo sotaghānajivhākāyamanesu.

[PTS 202] 亦即眼是苦谛,由于他的根本原因而生起的过去的爱为集谛,(苦与集)两者的不存在为灭谛,知灭的行道为道谛,如是举其四谛的每一句,亦得由自己正觉一切法。于耳、鼻、舌、身、意(内六处)也是同样的。

Ñ(VII,27): [202] Besides, he has discovered all things rightly by himself step by step thus: The eye is the Truth of Suffering; the prior craving that originates it by being its root-cause is the Truth of Origin; the non-occurrence of both is the Truth of Cessation; the way that is the act of understanding cessation is the Truth of the Path. And so too in the case of the ear, the nose, the tongue, the body, and the mind.

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