Visuddhimagga VII-29

Tatrāyaṃ ekapadayojanā, jarāmaraṇaṃ dukkhasaccaṃ, jāti samudayasaccaṃ, ubhinnampi nissaraṇaṃ nirodhasaccaṃ, nirodhapajānanā paṭipadā maggasaccanti evamekekapaduddhārena sabbadhamme sammā sāmañca buddho anubuddho paṭibuddho.


Ñ(VII,29): Herein, this is the construction of a single clause [of the dependent origination]: Ageing-and-death is the Truth of Suffering, birth is the Truth of Origin, the escape from both is the Truth of Cessation, the way that is the act of understanding cessation is the Truth of the Path.

In this way he has discovered, progressively discovered, completely discovered, all states rightly and by himself step by step.

Tena vuttaṃ – ‘‘sammā sāmañca sabbadhammānaṃ buddhattā pana sammāsambuddho’’ti.


Ñ: Hence it was said above: 'He is fully enlightened because he has discovered all things rightly and by himself' (§26).

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