Visuddhimagga II-81

Tattha dhutoti dhutakileso vā puggalo kilesadhunano vā dhammo.


Ñ(II,81): Herein, ascetic means either a person whose defilements are shaken off, or a state that entails shaking off defilements.

Dhutavādoti ettha pana atthi dhuto na dhutavādo, atthi na dhuto dhutavādo, atthi neva dhuto na dhutavādo, atthi dhuto ceva dhutavādo ca.


Ñ: A preacher of asceticism: one is ascetic but not a preacher of asceticism, another is not ascetic but a preacher of asceticism, another is neither ascetic nor a preacher of asceticism, and another is both ascetic and a preacher of asceticism.

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