Visuddhimagga III-25

Pañcake yaṃ catukkabhede vuttaṃ dutiyaṃ jhānaṃ, taṃ vitakkamattātikkamena dutiyaṃ, vitakkavicārātikkamena tatiyanti evaṃ dvidhā bhinditvā pañca jhānāni veditabbāni.


Ñ(III,25): 16. In the pentad there are five jhānas by dividing in two what is called the second jhāna in the fourfold reckoning (see §21), taking the second jhāna to be due to the surmounting of only applied thought and the third jhāna to be due to the surmounting of both applied and sustained thought.

Tesaṃ aṅgabhūtā ca pañca samādhīti evaṃ pañcajhānaṅgavasena pañcavidhatā veditabbā.


Ñ: There are five kinds of concentration according to the factors of these five jhānas. So its fivefoldness should be understood according to the five sets of jhāna factors.

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