Visuddhimagga II-83

Dhutadhammā veditabbāti appicchatā, santuṭṭhitā, sallekhatā, pavivekatā, idamatthitāti ime dhutaṅgacetanāya parivārakā pañca dhammā ‘‘appicchataṃyeva nissāyā’’tiādivacanato (a. ni. 5.181; pari. 325) dhutadhammā nāma,


Ñ(II,83): Ascetic states: the five states that go with the volition of an ascetic practice, that is to say, fewness of wishes, contentment, effacement, seclusion, and that specific quality are called 'ascetic states' because of the words 'Depending on fewness of wishes' (A.iii,219), and so on.

tattha appicchatā ca santuṭṭhitā ca alobho.

此中的少欲、知足附属[fù shǔ]于无贪中,

Ñ: Herein, fewness of wishes and contentment are non-greed.

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