Visuddhimagga III-65

Pubbe vuttakhīṇāsavādayo cettha attanā adhigatamaggameva ācikkhanti.


Ñ(III,65): Now those beginning with one whose cankers are destroyed, mentioned above, will describe only the path they have themselves reached.

Bahussuto pana taṃ taṃ ācariyaṃ upasaṅkamitvā uggahaparipucchānaṃ visodhitattā ito cito ca suttañca kāraṇañca sallakkhetvā sappāyāsappāyaṃ yojetvā gahanaṭṭhāne gacchanto mahāhatthī viya mahāmaggaṃ dassento kammaṭṭhānaṃ kathessati.


Ñ: But with a learned man, his instructions and his answers to questions are purified by his having approached such and such teachers, and so he will explain a meditation subject showing a broad track, like a big elephant going through a stretch of jungle, and he will select suttas and reasons from here and there, adding [explanations of] what is suitable and unsuitable.

Tasmā evarūpaṃ kammaṭṭhānadāyakaṃ kalyāṇamittaṃ upasaṅkamitvā tassa vattapaṭipattiṃ katvā kammaṭṭhānaṃ gahetabbaṃ.


Ñ: So a meditation subject should be taken by approaching the good friend such as this, the giver of a meditation subject, and by doing all the duties to him.

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