Visuddhimagga III-78

Apare taṇhāmānadiṭṭhivasena aparāpi tisso cariyā vadanti.


Ñ(III,78): Others say that there are three more kinds of temperament with craving, pride, and views.

Tattha taṇhā rāgoyeva, māno ca taṃsampayuttoti tadubhayaṃ rāgacariyaṃ nātivattati.


Ñ: Herein craving is simply greed; and pride is associated with that. So neither of them exceeds greed.

Mohanidānattā ca diṭṭhiyā diṭṭhicariyā mohacariyameva anupatati.


Ñ: And since views have their source in delusion, the temperament of views falls within the deluded temperament.

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