Visuddhimagga III-52

Karuḷiyagirivāsīnāgattheropi aṭṭhārasavassāni pariyattiṃ chaḍḍetvā bhikkhūnaṃ dhātukathaṃ uddisi. Tesaṃ gāmavāsikattherehi saddhiṃ saṃsandentānaṃ ekapañhopi uppaṭipāṭiyā āgato nāhosi.


Ñ(III,52): The Elder Mahā-Nāga, too, who lived at Karuliyagiri (Karaliyagiri) put aside the scriptures for eighteen years, and then he recited the Dhātukathā to the bhikkhus. When they checked this with the town-dwelling elders [of Anurādhapura], not a single question was found out of its order.

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