Visuddhimagga III-39

So temāsampi tattha piṇḍapātaṃ paribhuñjitvā vassaṃvuttho ‘‘ahaṃ gacchāmī’’ti āpucchi.


Ñ(III,39): When he had eaten alms food there during the three months and had completed the residence for the Rains, he announced his departure.

Athassa ñātakā ‘‘sve, bhante, gacchathā’’ti dutiyadivase ghareyeva bhojetvā telanāḷiṃ pūretvā ekaṃ guḷapiṇḍaṃ navahatthañca sāṭakaṃ datvā ‘‘gacchatha, bhante’’ti āhaṃsu.


Ñ: Then his relatives said, 'Let it be tomorrow, venerable sir', and on the following day, when they had fed him in their house and filled his oil tube and given him a lump of sugar and a nine-cubit length of cloth, they said, 'Now you are leaving, venerable sir'.

So anumodanaṃ katvā rohaṇābhimukho pāyāsi.


Ñ: He gave his blessing and set out for Rohaṇa.

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