Visuddhimagga III-8

Tatiyaduke catukkanaye dvīsu pañcakanaye tīsu jhānesu ekaggatā sappītiko samādhi. Avasesesu dvīsu jhānesu ekaggatā nippītiko samādhi. Upacārasamādhi pana siyā sappītiko, siyā nippītikoti evaṃ sappītikanippītikavasena duvidho.

3)(有喜、无喜)第三种二法中:于四种法中的初二禅及五种法中的初三禅的一境性为「有喜定」。于其余[PTS 086] 二禅的一境性为「无喜定」。而近行定则或为有喜,或为无喜。如是依有喜与无喜为二种。

Ñ(III,8): 4. In the third dyad concentration with happiness is the unification of mind in two jhānas in the fourfold reckoning and in three jhānas in the fivefold reckoning. [86] Concentration without happiness is the unification in the remaining two jhānas. But access concentration may be with happiness or without happiness. So it is of two kinds as with happiness and without happiness.

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