Visuddhimagga III-37

Daharopi ‘‘ciraṃ me idha vutthaṃ, upajjhāyaṃ dāni passitvā upāsikāya ca pavattiṃ ñatvā āgamissāmī’’ti rohaṇato nikkhami.


Ñ(III,37): The young bhikkhu too thought, 'I have lived here for a long time. Now I might go and visit my preceptor and find out how the lay devotee is', and he left Rohaṇa.

Te ubhopi gaṅgātīre samāgacchiṃsu.


Ñ: The two met on the banks of the [Mahaveli] River.

So aññatarasmiṃ rukkhamūle therassa vattaṃ katvā ‘‘kuhiṃ yāsī’’ti pucchito tamatthaṃ ārocesi.


Ñ: He did the duties to the Elder at the foot of a tree. When asked 'Where are you going?', he told him his purpose.

Thero suṭṭhu te kataṃ, upāsikāpi sadā pucchati, ahampi etadatthameva āgato, gaccha tvaṃ, ahaṃ pana idheva imaṃ vassaṃ vasissāmīti taṃ uyyojesi.


Ñ: The Elder said: 'You have done well. The lay devotee is always asking after you. That was why I came. You may go, but I shall stay here for the Rains', and he dismissed him.

So vassūpanāyikadivaseyeva taṃ vihāraṃ patto.

[PTS 092] 当他入寺(哥伦陀)的那天,恰巧是雨季安居之日。

Ñ: [92] He arrived at the monastery on the actual day for taking up residence for the Rains.

Senāsanampissa pitarā kāritameva pattaṃ.


Ñ: The lodging allotted to him happened to be the one for which his father had undertaken responsibility.

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