Visuddhimagga III-86

Ettha ca yo luddhoti vutto, ayaṃ rāgacarito.


Ñ(III,86): One who, as it is said here, 'has greed' is one of greedy temperament;

Duṭṭhadandhā dosamohacaritā.


Ñ: one who 'has hate' and one who 'is dull' are respectively of hating temperament and deluded temperament.

Paññavā buddhicarito.


Ñ: One who 'possesses understanding' is one of intelligent temperament.

Aluddhaaduṭṭhā pasannapakatitāya saddhācaritā.


Ñ: One who 'has no greed' and one who 'has no hate' are of faithful temperament because they are naturally trustful.

Yathā vā amohaparivārena kammunā nibbatto buddhicarito,


Ñ: Or just as one who is reborn through kamma accompanied by non-delusion is of intelligent temperament,

evaṃ balavasaddhāparivārena kammunā nibbatto saddhācarito.


Ñ: so one who is reborn through kamma accompanied by strong faith is of faithful temperament,

Kāmavitakkādiparivārena kammunā nibbatto vitakkacarito.


Ñ: one who is reborn through kamma accompanied by thoughts of sense desire is of speculative temperament,

Lobhādinā vomissaparivārena kammunā nibbatto vomissacaritoti.


Ñ: and one who is reborn through kamma accompanied by mixed greed, etc., is of mixed temperament.

Evaṃ lobhādīsu aññataraññataraparivāraṃ paṭisandhijanakaṃ kammaṃ cariyānaṃ nidānanti veditabbaṃ.


Ñ: So it is the kamma productive of rebirth-linking and accompanied by some one among the things beginning with greed that should be understood as the source of the temperaments.

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