Visuddhimagga III-36

Ekaccassa mātāpitaropi palibodhā na honti, koraṇḍakavihāravāsittherassa bhāgineyyadaharabhikkhuno viya.

对于有些人,则父母也不成为障碍的。犹如住在哥伦陀寺中的长老的外甥 ── 一年轻的比丘一样。

Ñ(III,36): But even mother and father are not an impediment for another, as in the case of the young bhikkhu, the nephew of the Elder who lived at the Koraṇḍaka Monastery.

So kira uddesatthaṃ rohaṇaṃ agamāsi.


Ñ: He went to Rohaṇa for instruction, it seems.

Therabhaginīpi upāsikā sadā theraṃ tassa pavattiṃ pucchati.


Ñ: The Elder's sister, who was a lay devotee, was always asking the Elder how her son was getting on.

Thero ekadivasaṃ daharaṃ ānessāmīti rohaṇābhimukho pāyāsi.


Ñ: One day the Elder set out for Rohaṇa to fetch him back.

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