Visuddhimagga III-83

Ayaṃ panettha aṭṭhakathācariyānaṃ matānusārena vinicchayo, vuttañhetaṃ ussadakittane (dha. sa. aṭṭha. 498) ‘‘ime sattā pubbahetuniyāmena lobhussadā dosussadā mohussadā alobhussadā adosussadā amohussadā ca honti.


Ñ(III,83): The following is the exposition according to the opinion of the teachers of the commentaries; or this is said in the Explanation of Prominence: 'The fact that these beings have prominence of greed, prominence of hate, prominence of delusion, is governed by previous root-cause.

Yassa hi kammāyūhanakkhaṇe lobho balavā hoti alobho mando,


Ñ: 'For when in one man, at the moment of his accumulating [rebirth-producing] kamma, greed is strong and non-greed is weak,

adosāmohā balavanto dosamohā mandā,


Ñ: non-hate and non-delusion are strong and hate and delusion are weak,

tassa mando alobho lobhaṃ pariyādātuṃ na sakkoti.


Ñ: then his weak non-greed is unable to prevail over his greed,

Adosāmohā pana balavanto dosamohe pariyādātuṃ sakkoti.


Ñ: but his non-hate and non-delusion being strong are able to prevail over his hate and delusion.

Tasmā so tena kammena dinnapaṭisandhivasena nibbatto luddho hoti sukhasīlo akkodhano paññavā vajirūpamañāṇo.


Ñ: That is why, on being reborn through rebirth-linking given by that kamma, he has greed, is good-natured and unangry, and possesses understanding with knowledge like a lightning flash.

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