Visuddhimagga III-75

Tattha yasmā rāgacaritassa kusalappavattisamaye saddhā balavatī hoti, rāgassa āsannaguṇattā.


Ñ(III,75): Herein, one of faithful temperament is parallel to one of greedy temperament because faith is strong when profitable [kamma] occurs in one of greedy temperament, owing to its special qualities being near to those of greed.

Yathā hi akusalapakkhe rāgo siniddho nātilūkho, evaṃ kusalapakkhe saddhā.


Ñ: For, in an unprofitable way, greed is affectionate and not over-austere, and so, in a profitable way, is faith.

Yathā rāgo vatthukāme pariyesati, evaṃ saddhā sīlādiguṇe.


Ñ: Greed seeks out sense desires as object, while faith seeks out the special qualities of virtue and so on.

Yathā rāgo ahitaṃ na pariccajati, evaṃ saddhā hitaṃ na pariccajati, tasmā rāgacaritassa saddhācarito sabhāgo.


Ñ: And greed does not give up what is harmful, while faith does not give up what is beneficial.

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