Visuddhimagga III-50

Ābādhoti yokoci rogo. So bādhayamāno palibodho hoti, tasmā bhesajjakaraṇena upacchinditabbo.

8.「病」── 即任何的疾病,因苦恼故为障碍。所以必须服药去病。

Ñ(III,50): 8. Affliction is any kind of illness. It is an impediment when it is actually afflicting; therefore it should be severed by treatment with medicine.

Sace pana katipāhaṃ bhesajjaṃ karontassapi na vūpasammati, nāhaṃ tuyhaṃ dāso, na bhaṭako, taṃyeva hi posento anamatagge saṃsāravaṭṭe dukkhaṃ pattoti attabhāvaṃ garahitvā samaṇadhammo kātabboti.


Ñ: But if it is not cured after taking medicine for a few days, then the ascetic's duties should be done after apostrophizing one's person in this way: 'I am not your slave, or your hireling. I have come to suffering through maintaining you through the beginningless round of rebirths'.

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