Visuddhimagga II-92

Yathāvuttesu pana ṭhapetvā tecīvarikaṅgaṃ sesāni dvādasa sāmaṇerānaṃ, satta sikkhamānasāmaṇerīnaṃ veditabbāni.


Ñ(II,92): Except for the triple-robe-wearer's practice all the other twelve as stated should be understood to be for novices, and all the other seven for female probationers and female novices.

Upāsakaupāsikānaṃ pana ekāsanikaṅgaṃ, pattapiṇḍikaṅganti imāni dve patirūpāni ceva sakkā ca paribhuñjitunti dve dhutaṅgānīti evaṃ byāsato dvecattālīsa hontīti ayaṃ samāsabyāsato vaṇṇanā.



Ñ: The two, namely, the one-sessioner's practice and the bowl-food-eater's practice, are proper for male and female lay followers to employ. In this way there are two ascetic practices. This is the commentary 'as to groups and also singly'.

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