Visuddhimagga II-84

Sallekhatā ca pavivekatā ca dvīsu dhammesu anupatanti alobhe ca amohe ca. Idamatthitā ñāṇameva.


Ñ(II,84): Effacement and seclusion belong to the two states, non-greed and non-delusion. That specific quality is knowledge.

Tattha ca alobhena paṭikkhepavatthūsu lobhaṃ, amohena tesveva ādīnavapaṭicchādakaṃ mohaṃ dhunāti.


Ñ: Herein, by means of non-greed a man shakes off greed for things that are forbidden. By means of non-delusion he shakes off the delusion that hides the dangers in those same things.

Alobhena ca anuññātānaṃ paṭisevanamukhena pavattaṃ kāmasukhānuyogaṃ, amohena dhutaṅgesu atisallekhamukhena pavattaṃ attakilamathānuyogaṃ dhunāti.


Ñ: And by means of non-greed he shakes off indulgence in pleasure due to sense desires that occurs under the heading of using what is allowed. And by means of non-delusion he shakes off indulgence in self-mortification that occurs under the heading of excessive effacement in the ascetic practices.

Tasmā ime dhammā dhutadhammāti veditabbā.


Ñ: That is why these states should be understood as 'ascetic states'.

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