Visuddhimagga VII-32

Tattha vijjāsampadā bhagavato sabbaññutaṃ pūretvā ṭhitā.


Ñ(VII,32): Herein, the Blessed One's possession of clear vision consists in the fulfilment of omniscience (Ps.i,131),

Caraṇasampadā mahākāruṇikataṃ.


Ñ: while his possession of conduct consists in the fulfilment of the great compassion (Ps.i,126).

So sabbaññutāya sabbasattānaṃ atthānatthaṃ ñatvā mahākāruṇikatāya anatthaṃ parivajjetvā atthe niyojeti.


Ñ: He knows through omniscience what is good and harmful for all beings, and through compassion he warns them of harm and exhorts them to do good.

Yathā taṃ vijjācaraṇasampanno.


Ñ: That is how he is possessed of clear vision and conduct,

Tenassa sāvakā suppaṭipannā honti, no duppaṭipannā vijjācaraṇavipannānaṃ sāvakā attantapādayo viya.


Ñ: which is why his disciples have entered upon the good way instead of entering upon the bad way as the self-mortifying disciples of those who are not possessed of clear vision and conduct have done.

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