Visuddhimagga I-147

‘‘Puna caparaṃ, brāhmaṇa, idhekacco samaṇo vā…pe… na heva kho mātugāmena… napi mātugāmassa… napi mātugāmena… napi mātugāmassa…pe… pekkhati. Apica kho mātugāmassa saddaṃ suṇāti tirokuṭṭā vā tiropākārā vā hasantiyā vā bhaṇantiyā vā gāyantiyā vā rodantiyā vā, so tadassādeti…pe… dukkhasmāti vadāmi.


Ñ(I,147): 'Furthermore, brahman,... while he does not agree to [these things], yet he listens to the sound of women through a wall or through a fence as they laugh or talk or sing or weep ...

Han: This is the fourth lesser methuna.

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