Visuddhimagga II-70

Pabhedato pana ayampi tividho hoti. Tattha ukkaṭṭho attano pattasenāsanaṃ dūreti vā accāsanneti vā amanussadīghajātikādīhi upaddutanti vā uṇhanti vā sītalanti vā pucchituṃ na labhati.


Ñ(II,70): This has three grades too. Herein, one who is strict is not allowed to ask about the resting place that has fallen to his lot 'Is it far?' or 'Is it too near?' or 'Is it infested by non-human beings, snakes, and so on?' or 'Is it hot?' or 'Is it cold?'.

Majjhimo pucchituṃ labhati. Gantvā pana oloketuṃ na labhati.


Ñ: The medium one is allowed to ask, but not to go and inspect it.

Muduko gantvā oloketvā sacassa taṃ na ruccati, aññaṃ gahetuṃ labhati.


Ñ: The mild one is allowed to inspect it and, if he does not like it, to choose another.

Imesaṃ pana tiṇṇampi senāsanaloluppe uppannamatte dhutaṅgaṃ bhijjatīti ayamettha bhedo.


Ñ: As soon as greed for resting places arises in any one of these three, his ascetic practice is broken. This is the breach in this instance.

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