Visuddhimagga II-76

Ābhujitvāna pallaṅkaṃ, paṇidhāya ujuṃ tanuṃ;

Nisīdanto vikampeti, mārassa hadayaṃ yati.

结跏趺[jiā fū]坐正身的行者,


Ñ(II,76): The adept that can place crosswise

His feet to rest upon his thighs

And sit with back erect shall make

Foul Mara's evil heart to quake.

Seyyasukhaṃ middhasukhaṃ, hitvā āraddhavīriyo;

Nisajjābhirato bhikkhu, sobhayanto tapovanaṃ.



Ñ: No more in supine joys to plump

And wallow in lethargic dump;

Who sits for rest and finds it good

Shines forth in the Ascetics' Wood.

Nirāmisaṃ pītisukhaṃ, yasmā samadhigacchati;

Tasmā samanuyuñjeyya, dhīro nesajjikaṃ vatanti.



Ñ: The happiness and bliss it brings

Has naught to do with worldly things;

So must the Sitter's Vow befit

The manners of a man of wit.

Ayaṃ nesajjikaṅge samādāna vidhānappabheda bhedānisaṃsavaṇṇanā.


Ñ: This is the commentary on the undertaking, directions, grades, breach, and benefits, in the case of the sitter's practice.

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