Visuddhimagga II-79

‘‘Yesampi kusalattikavinimuttaṃ dhutaṅgaṃ, tesaṃ atthato dhutaṅgameva natthi.


Ñ(II,79): And those who hold that an ascetic practice is outside the Profitable Triad have no ascetic practice as regards meaning.

Asantaṃ kassa dhunanato dhutaṅgaṃ nāma bhavissati.


Ñ: Owing to the shaking off of what is non-existent could it be called an ascetic practice?

Dhutaguṇe samādāya vattatīti vacanavirodhopi ca nesaṃ āpajjati, tasmā taṃ na gahetabba’’nti ayaṃ tāva kusalattikato vaṇṇanā.


Ñ: Also there are the words 'Proceeded to undertake the ascetic qualities' (Vin.iii,15), and it follows that those words are contradicted. So that should not be accepted. This, in the first place, is the commentary on the Profitable Triad.

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