Visuddhimagga VII-37

136. Apica tayo lokā saṅkhāraloko sattaloko okāsalokoti.


Ñ(VII,37): Moreover, there are three worlds: the world of formations, the world of beings, and the world of location.

Tattha eko loko sabbe sattā āhāraṭṭhitikāti (paṭi. ma. 1.112) āgataṭṭhāne saṅkhāraloko veditabbo.

此中[A.V,50,55.]说的「一世间:即一切有情依食而住」的地方,[PTS 205] 当知为「行世间」。

Ñ: Herein, in the passage 'One world: all beings subsist by nutriment' (Ps.i,122), [205] the world of formations is to be understood.

Sassato lokoti vā asassato lokoti vāti (dī. ni. 1.421) āgataṭṭhāne sattaloko.


Ñ: In the passage ' "The world is eternal" or "The world is not eternal" ' (M.i,426) it is the world of beings.

Yāvatā candimasūriyā pariharanti, disā bhanti virocamānā;

Tāva sahassadhā loko, ettha te vattatī vasoti. (ma. ni. 1.503) –





Ñ: In the passage:

'As far as moon and sun do circulate

Shining and lighting up the [four] directions,

Over a thousand times as great a world

Your power holds unquestionable sway' (M. i,328)—

Āgataṭṭhāne okāsaloko.


Ñ: it is the world of location.

Tampi bhagavā sabbathā avedi.


Ñ: The Blessed One has known that in all ways too.

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