Visuddhimagga VII-39

Yasmā panesa sabbesampi sattānaṃ āsayaṃ jānāti, anusayaṃ jānāti, caritaṃ jānāti, adhimuttiṃ jānāti, apparajakkhe mahārajakkhe, tikkhindriye mudindriye, svākāre dvākāre, suviññāpaye duviññāpaye, bhabbe abhabbe satte jānāti.


Ñ(VII,39): But he knows all beings' habits, knows their inherent tendencies, knows their temperaments, knows their bents, knows them as with little dust on their eyes and with much dust on their eyes, with keen faculties and with dull faculties, with good behaviour and with bad behaviour, easy to teach and hard to teach, capable and incapable [of achievement] (cf.Ps.i,121),

Tasmāssa sattalokopi sabbathā vidito.


Ñ: therefore this world of beings was known to him in all ways.

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