Visuddhimagga I-108

Tasmā aññopi attatthakāmo kulaputto –


Ñ(I,108): So when another clansman seeks his own good:

Makkaṭova araññamhi, vane bhantamigo viya;

Bālo viya ca utrasto, na bhave lolalocano.

Adho khipeyya cakkhūni, yugamattadaso siyā;

Vanamakkaṭalolassa, na cittassa vasaṃ vaje.



如彷徨[páng huáng]的野鹿,

如惊骇[jīng hài]的幼儿。





Ñ: Let him not be hungry-eyed,

Like a monkey in the groves,

Like a wild deer in the woods,

Like a nervous little child.

Let him go with eyes downcast

Seeing a plough[plau] yoke's length before,

That he fall not in the power

Of the forest-monkey mind.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: [hungry-eyed = unsteady, looking here there].

Han: Burmese translation is same as Sayādaw.

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