Visuddhimagga I-113

Ye panete cīvarādayo paccayā, tesu yassa kassaci bhikkhuno ājīvaṃ parisodhentassa cīvare ca piṇḍapāte ca nimittobhāsaparikathāviññattiyo na vaṭṭanti.


Ñ(I,113): As to the robe and the other requisites, no hint, indication, round-about talk, or intimation about robes and alms food is allowable for a bhikkhu who is purifying his livelihood.

Senāsane pana apariggahitadhutaṅgassa nimittobhāsaparikathā vaṭṭanti.

然而不持头陀行者,若为住处而用示相暗示及迂回之说,是适合的。[PTS 041]

Ñ: But a hint, indication, or round-about talk about a resting place is allowable for one who has not taken up the ascetic practices. [41]

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