Visuddhimagga I-120

Sopāyasmā ‘‘mādisena nāma ābhataṃ piṇḍapātaṃ na paribhuñjatī’’ti cittampi anuppādetvā ekavacaneneva pattaṃ mukhavaṭṭiyaṃ gahetvā ekamante nikujjesi.


Ñ(I,120): Instead of thinking, 'He does not eat alms food brought by the likes of me', the other at once took the bowl by the rim and turned it over on one side.

Pāyāsassa saha bhūmiyaṃ patiṭṭhānā therassa ābādho antaradhāyi, tato paṭṭhāya pañcacattālīsa vassāni na puna uppajji.


Ñ: As the rice gruel fell on the ground the Elder's affliction vanished. From then on it did not appear again during forty-five years.

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