Visuddhimagga I-121

Tato mahāmoggallānaṃ āha – ‘‘āvuso, vacīviññattiṃ nissāya uppanno pāyāso antesu nikkhamitvā bhūmiyaṃ carantesupi paribhuñjituṃ ayuttarūpo’’ti. Imañca udānaṃ udānesi –


Ñ(I,121): Then he said to the venerable Mahā-Moggallāna, 'Friend, even if one's bowels come out and trail on the ground, it is not fitting to eat gruel got by verbal intimation', and he uttered this exclamation:

Han: In the Foot-note of Burmese translation, it is explained that [one's bowels come out and trail on the ground] is used in those days to mean [eating some food which is obtained by wrong kinds of search, i.e., food obtained by unsuitable means such as verbal intimation, etc.].

‘‘Vacīviññattivipphārā, uppannaṃ madhupāyasaṃ;

Sace bhutto bhaveyyāhaṃ, sājīvo garahito mama.



Ñ: 'My livelihood might well be blamed

If I were to consent to eat

The honey and the gruel obtained

By influence of verbal hints.

‘‘Yadipi me antaguṇaṃ, nikkhamitvā bahi care;

Neva bhindeyyaṃ ājīvaṃ, cajamānopi jīvitaṃ.



Ñ: And even if my bowels obtrude[ɔbˈtru:d, əb-]

And trail outside, and even though

My life is to be jeopardized['dʒepədaiz],

I will not blot my livelihood (Miln. 370).

‘‘Ārādhemi sakaṃ cittaṃ, vivajjemi anesanaṃ;

Nāhaṃ buddhappaṭikuṭṭhaṃ, kāhāmi ca anesana’’nti.



Ñ: For I will satisfy my heart

By shunning all wrong kinds of search;

And never will I undertake

The search the Buddhas have condemned'. [43]

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