Visuddhimagga I-122

Ciragumbavāsikaambakhādakamahātissattheravatthupi cettha kathetabbaṃ.

[PTS 043] 食芒果(庵[ān]罗果)的鸡跋[bá]罗准跋住者大帝须长老的故事,亦可在这里说,

Ñ(I,122): And here too should be told the story of the Elder Mahā-Tissa the Mango-eater who lived at Ciragumba (see §132 below).

Evaṃ sabbathāpi.

‘‘Anesanāya cittampi, ajanetvā vicakkhaṇo;

Ājīvaṃ parisodheyya, saddhāpabbajito yatī’’ti.



Ñ: So in all respects:

A man who has gone forth in faith

Should purify his livelihood

And, seeing clearly, give no thought

To any search that is not good.

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