Visuddhimagga I-124

Tattha duvidhaṃ paccavekkhaṇaṃ paccayānaṃ paṭilābhakāle, paribhogakāle ca. Paṭilābhakālepi hi dhātuvasena vā paṭikūlavasena vā paccavekkhitvā ṭhapitāni cīvarādīni tato uttari paribhuñjantassa anavajjova paribhogo, paribhogakālepi.


Ñ(I,124): Herein, reviewing is of two kinds: at the time of receiving requisites and at the time of using them. For use is blameless in one who at the time of receiving robes, etc., reviews them either as [mere] elements or as repulsive, and puts them aside for later use,

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: [for later use => and later make use of them].

Han: Burmese translation is same as Sayādaw’s translation.

Tatrāyaṃ sanniṭṭhānakaro vinicchayo –


Ñ: and in one who reviews them thus at the time of using them.

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