Visuddhimagga I-76

Pāribhaṭyatāti pāribhaṭyabhāvo. Yo hi kuladārake dhāti viya aṅkena vā khandhena vā paribhaṭati, dhāretīti attho.

「养育状」,[PTS 028] 意为养育的状态,他好像家庭的乳母,用腰或背而抱负。

Ñ(I,76): Fondling is the state of the act of fondling. [28] For when a man fondles children on his lap or on his shoulder like a nurse — he nurses, is the meaning — ,

Tassa paribhaṭassa kammaṃ pāribhaṭyuṃ. Pāribhaṭyassa bhāvo pāribhaṭyatāti.


Ñ: that fondler's act is the act of fondling. The state of the act of fondling is fondling.

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