Visuddhimagga I-92

Vihiṃsūparatiyāti vihiṃsā nāma jighacchā ābādhaṭṭhena.


Ñ(I,92): For the ending of discomfort: hunger is called 'discomfort' in the sense of afflicting.

Tassā uparamatthampesa piṇḍapātaṃ paṭisevati, vaṇālepanamiva uṇhasītādīsu tappaṭikāraṃ viya ca.


Ñ: He makes use of alms food for the purpose of ending that, like anointing a wound, like counteracting heat with cold, and so on.

Brahmacariyānuggahāyāti sakalasāsanabrahmacariyassa ca maggabrahmacariyassa ca anuggahatthaṃ.


Ñ: For assisting the life of purity: for the purpose of assisting the life of purity consisting in the whole dispensation and the life of purity consisting in the path.

Ayañhi piṇḍapātapaṭisevanapaccayā kāyabalaṃ nissāya sikkhattayānuyogavasena bhavakantāranittharaṇatthaṃ paṭipajjanto brahmacariyānuggahāya paṭisevati, kantāranittharaṇatthikā puttamaṃsaṃ (saṃ. ni. 2.63) viya, nadīnittharaṇatthikā kullaṃ (ma. ni. 1.240) viya, samuddanittharaṇatthikā nāvamiva ca.


Ñ: For while this [bhikkhu] is engaged in crossing the desert of existence by means of devotion to the three trainings depending on bodily strength whose necessary condition is the use of alms food, he makes use of it to assist the life of purity just as those seeking to cross the desert used their child's flesh, just as those seeking to cross a river use a raft, and just as those seeking to cross the ocean use a ship.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: [devotion to = practice of].

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