Visuddhimagga II-22

Mārasenavighātāya , paṃsukūladharo yati;

Sannaddhakavaco yuddhe, khattiyo viya sobhati.



Ñ(II,22): While striving for Death's army's rout

The ascetic clad in rag-robe clout

Got from a rubbish heap, shines bright

As mail-clad warrior in the fight.

Pahāya kāsikādīni, varavatthāni dhāritaṃ;

Yaṃ lokagarunā ko taṃ, paṃsukūlaṃ na dhāraye.

世尊亦舍迦尸[jiā shī]绸布而着粪扫衣,


Ñ: This robe the world's great teacher wore,

Leaving rare Kāsi cloth and more;

Of rags from off a rubbish heap

Who would not have a robe to keep?

Han: Mahāsī Sayādaw: “This robe the world's great teacher wore” refers to the robe the Buddha made, out of the refuse-rag that was wrapped around the dead body of a female slave called Puṇṇā, while the Buddha was preaching Uruvelakassapa and his followers at Uruvela.

Tasmā hi attano bhikkhu, paṭiññaṃ samanussaraṃ;

Yogācārānukūlamhi, paṃsukūle rato siyāti.



Ñ: Minding the words he did profess

When he went into homelessness,

Let him to wear such rags delight

As one in seemly garb bedight[biˈdait].

Ayaṃ tāva paṃsukūlikaṅge samādānavidhānappabhedabhedānisaṃsavaṇṇanā.


This, firstly, is the commentary on the undertaking, directions, grades, breach, and benefits, in the case of the refuse-rag-wearer's practice.

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