Visuddhimagga II-26

Atirekavatthataṇhaṃ, pahāya sannidhivivajjito dhīro;

Santosasukharasaññū, ticīvaradharo bhavati yogī.

[PTS 066] 瑜伽智者不爱余衣不收藏,


Ñ(II,26): No risk of hoarding haunts the man of wit

Who wants no extra cloth for requisite;

Using the triple robe where'er he goes

The pleasant relish of content he knows.

Tasmā sapattacaraṇo, pakkhīva sacīvarova yogivaro;

Sukhamanuvicaritukāmo, cīvaraniyame ratiṃ kayirāti.



Ñ: So, would the adept wander undeterred

With naught else but his robes, as flies the bird

With its own wings, then let him too rejoice

That frugalness in garments be his choice.

Ayaṃ tecīvarikaṅge samādānavidhānappabhedabhedānisaṃsavaṇṇanā.


This is the commentary on the undertaking, directions, grades, breach, and benefits, in the case of the triple-robe-wearer's practice.

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