Visuddhimagga II-3

Tattha –


Ñ(II,3): Herein:

Atthato lakkhaṇādīhi, samādānavidhānato;

Pabhedato bhedato ca, tassa tassānisaṃsato.

语义与相等, 受持及规定,

区别并破坏, 及彼之功德,

Ñ: (1) As to meaning, (2) characteristic, etcetera,

(3) The undertaking and directions,

And then the grade, and breach as well,

And benefits of each besides,

Kusalattikato ceva, dhutādīnaṃ vibhāgato;

Samāsabyāsato cāpi, viññātabbo vinicchayo.

并于善三法, 头陀等分别,

以及总与别, 悉应知决择。

Ñ: (4) As to the profitable triad,

(5) 'Ascetic' and so on distinguished,

(6) And as to groups, and also (7) singly,

The exposition should be known. [60]

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