Visuddhimagga II-30

Piṇḍiyālopasantuṭṭho, aparāyattajīviko;

Pahīnāhāraloluppo, hoti cātuddiso yati.



Ñ(II,30): The monk content with alms for food

Has independent livelihood,

And greed in him no footing finds;

He is as free as the four winds.

Vinodayati kosajjaṃ, ājīvassa visujjhati;

Tasmā hi nātimaññeyya, bhikkhācariyāya sumedhaso.



He never need be indolent,

His livelihood is innocent,

So let a wise man not disdain

Alms-gathering for his domain.

Evarūpassa hi –

‘‘Piṇḍapātikassa bhikkhuno,

Attabharassa anaññaposino;

Devāpi pihayanti tādino,

No ce lābhasilokanissito’’ti.



Ñ: Since it is said:

'If a bhikkhu can support himself on alms

And live without another's maintenance,

And pay no heed as well to gain and fame,

The very gods indeed might envy him' (Ud. 31).

Ayaṃ piṇḍapātikaṅge samādānavidhānappabhedabhedānisaṃsavaṇṇanā.


Ñ: This is the commentary on the undertaking, directions, grades, breach and benefits, in the case of the alms-food-eater's practice.

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