Visuddhimagga II-40

Pabhedato pana ayampi tividho hoti. Tattha ukkaṭṭhassa aññatra ucchukhādanakālā kacavarampi chaḍḍetuṃ na vaṭṭati. Odanapiṇḍamacchamaṃsapūvepi bhinditvā khādituṃ na vaṭṭati.


Ñ(II,40): This too has three grades. Herein, for one who is strict, except at the time of eating sugarcane, it is not allowed [while eating] to throw rubbish away, and it is not allowed while eating to break up rice-lumps, fish, meat and cakes. [The rubbish should be thrown away and the rice-lumps, etc., broken up before starting to eat.]

Majjhimassa ekena hatthena bhinditvā khādituṃ vaṭṭati, hatthayogī nāmesa.


Ñ: The medium one is allowed to break them up with one hand while eating; and he is called a 'hand ascetic'.

Muduko pana pattayogī nāma hoti, tassa yaṃ sakkā hoti patte pakkhipituṃ, taṃ sabbaṃ hatthena vā dantehi vā bhinditvā khādituṃ vaṭṭati.


Ñ: The mild one is called a 'bowl ascetic'; anything that can be put into his bowl he is allowed, while eating, to break up, [that is, rice lumps, etc.,] with his hand or [such things as palm sugar, ginger, etc.,] with his teeth.

Imesaṃ pana tiṇṇampi dutiyakabhājanaṃ sāditakkhaṇe dhutaṅgaṃ bhijjati. Ayamettha bhedo.


Ñ: The moment any one of these three agrees to a second vessel his ascetic practice is broken. This is the breach in this instance.

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