Visuddhimagga VIII-111

193. Hadayanti hadayamaṃsaṃ.



Ñ(VIII,111): This is the heart flesh.

Taṃ vaṇṇato rattapadumapattapiṭṭhivaṇṇaṃ.


Ñ: As to colour, it is the colour of the back of a red-lotus petal.

Saṇṭhānato bāhirapattāni apanetvā adhomukhaṃ ṭhapitapadumamakuḷasaṇṭhānaṃ.


Ñ: As to shape, it is the shape of a lotus bud with the outer petals removed and turned upside down;

Bahi maṭṭhaṃ,


Ñ: it is smooth outside,

anto kosātakīphalassa abbhantarasadisaṃ.


Ñ: and inside it is like the interior of a kosātakī (loofah gourd).

Paññavantānaṃ thokaṃ vikasitaṃ,


Ñ: In those who possess understanding it is a little expanded;

mandapaññānaṃ makuḷitameva.


Ñ: in those without understanding it is still only a bud.

Anto cassa punnāgaṭṭhipatiṭṭhānamatto āvāṭako hoti, yattha addhapasatamattaṃ lohitaṃ saṇṭhāti,


Ñ: Inside it there is a hollow the size of a punnāga seed's bed where half a pasata measure of blood is kept,

yaṃ nissāya manodhātu ca manoviññāṇadhātu ca vattanti.


Ñ: with which as their support the mind element and mind-consciousness element occur.

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