Visuddhimagga VIII-88

Ime ca kesā nāma gūtharāsimhi uṭṭhitakaṇṇikaṃ viya ekatiṃsakoṭṭhāsarāsimhi jātā. Te susānasaṅkāraṭṭhānādīsu jātasākaṃ viya parikkhādīsu jātakamalakuvalayādipupphaṃ viya ca asuciṭṭhāne jātattā paramajegucchāti idaṃ nesaṃ okāsato pāṭikkulyaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,88): And these head hairs grow on the heap of the [other] thirty-one parts as fungi do on a dung hill. And owing to the filthy place they grow in they are quite as unappetizing as vegetables growing on a chamel ground, on a midden, etc., as lotuses or water lilies growing in drains, and so on. This is the repulsive aspect of their location.

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