Visuddhimagga VIII-93

187. Tacoti sakalasarīraṃ veṭhetvā ṭhitacammaṃ.



Ñ(VIII,93): The inner skin envelops the whole body.

Tassa upari kāḷasāmapītādivaṇṇā chavi nāma yā sakalasarīratopi saṅkaḍḍhiyamānā badaraṭṭhimattā hoti.


Ñ: Outside it is what is called the outer cuticle, which is black, brown or yellow in colour, and when that from the whole of the body is compressed together, it amounts to only as much as a jujube-fruit kernel.

Taco pana vaṇṇato setoyeva.


Ñ: But as to colour, the skin itself is white;

So cassa setabhāvo aggijālābhighātapaharaṇappahārādīhi viddhaṃsitāya chaviyā pākaṭo hoti.


Ñ: and its whiteness becomes evident when the outer cuticle is destroyed by contact with the flame of a fire or the impact of a blow and so on.

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