Visuddhimagga VIII-118

198. Antanti purisassa dvattiṃsahatthā itthiyā aṭṭhavīsatihatthā ekavīsatiyā ṭhānesu obhaggā antavaṭṭi.



Ñ(VIII,118): This is the bowel tube; it is looped in twenty-one places, and in a man it is thirty-two hands long, and in a woman, twenty-eight hands.

Tadetaṃ vaṇṇato setaṃ sakkharasudhāvaṇṇaṃ.


Ñ: As to colour, it is white, the colour of lime [mixed] with sand.

Saṇṭhānato lohitadoṇiyaṃ ābhujitvā ṭhapitasīsacchinnasappasaṇṭhānaṃ.


Ñ: As to shape, it is the shape of a beheaded snake coiled up and put in a trough of blood.

Disato dvīsu disāsu jātaṃ.


Ñ: As to direction, it lies in the two directions.

Okāsato upari galavāṭake heṭṭhā ca karīsamagge vinibandhattā galavāṭakakarīsamaggapariyante sarīrabbhantare ṭhitaṃ.


Ñ: As to location, it is fastened above at the gullet and below to the excrement passage (rectum), so it is to be found inside the body between the limits of the gullet and the excrement passage.

Paricchedato antabhāgena paricchinnaṃ,


Ñ: As to delimitation, it is bounded by what pertains to bowel.

ayamassa sabhāgaparicchedo.


Ñ: … (This is the delimitation by the similar.)

Visabhāgaparicchedo pana kesasadisoyeva.


Ñ: (But their delimitation by the dissimilar is like that for the head hairs.)

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