Visuddhimagga VIII-147

Tattha bhāvitoti uppādito vaḍḍhito vā.


Ñ(VIII,147): Herein, developed means aroused or increased,

Ānāpānassatisamādhīti ānāpānapariggāhikāya satiyā saddhiṃ sampayutto samādhi.


Ñ: concentration through mindfulness of breathing (lit. 'breathing-mindfulness concentration') is either concentration associated with mindfulness that discerns breathing,

Ānāpānassatiyaṃ vā samādhi ānāpānassatisamādhi.


Ñ: or it is concentration on mindfulness of breathing.

Bahulīkatoti punappunaṃ kato.


Ñ: Practised much: practised again and again.

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