Visuddhimagga VIII-140

Sace pana bahiddhāpi manasikāraṃ upasaṃharati,


Ñ(VIII,140): If he applies his attention externally as well when all the parts have become evident in this way,

athassa evaṃ sabbakoṭṭhāsesu pākaṭībhūtesu āhiṇḍantā manussatiracchānādayo sattākāraṃ vijahitvā koṭṭhāsarāsivaseneva upaṭṭhahanti,


Ñ: then human beings, animals, etc., as they go about are divested of their aspect of beings and appear as just assemblages of parts.

tehi ca ajjhohariyamānaṃ pānabhojanādi koṭṭhāsarāsimhi pakkhipamānamiva upaṭṭhāti.


Ñ: And when drink, food, etc., is being swallowed by them, it appears as though it were being put in among the assemblage of parts.

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