Visuddhimagga VIII-81

Karontena pana kesesu tāva nimittaṃ gahetabbaṃ.


[The Thirty-two Aspects in Detail]

Ñ(VIII,81): When he sets about it, he should first apprehend the [learning] sign in head hairs.



Ñ: How?

Ekaṃ vā dve vā kese luñcitvā hatthatale ṭhapetvā vaṇṇo tāva vavatthapetabbo.

拨出一二根头发置于掌上,[PTS 249] 当先确定其色。

Ñ: The colour should be defined first by plucking out one or two head hairs and placing them on the palm of the hand. [249]

Chinnaṭṭhānepi kese oloketuṃ vaṭṭati.


Ñ: He can also look at them in the hair-cutting place,

Udakapatte vā yāgupatte vā oloketumpi vaṭṭatiyeva.


Ñ: or in a bowl of water or rice gruel.

Kāḷakakāle disvā kāḷakāti manasikātabbā.


Ñ: If the ones he sees are black when he sees them, they should be brought to mind as 'black';

Setakāle setāti.


Ñ: if white, as 'white';

Missakakāle pana ussadavasena manasikātabbā honti.


Ñ: if mixed, they should be brought to mind in accordance with those most prevalent.

Yathā ca kesesu, evaṃ sakalepi tacapañcake disvāva nimittaṃ gahetabbaṃ.


Ñ: And as in the case of head hairs, so too the sign should be apprehended visually with the whole of the 'skin pentad'.

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