Visuddhimagga VIII-174

Tattha yasmā purimanaye kevalaṃ assasitabbaṃ passasitabbameva, na ca aññaṃ kiñci kātabbaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,174): Herein, in the first part of the system (nos. i and ii) he should only breathe in and breathe out and not do anything else at all,

Ito paṭṭhāya pana ñāṇuppādanādīsu yogo karaṇīyo.


Ñ: and it is only afterwards that he should apply himself to the arousing of knowledge, and so on.

Tasmā tattha assasāmīti pajānāti passasāmīti pajānāticceva vattamānakālavasena pāḷiṃ vatvā ito paṭṭhāya kattabbassa ñāṇuppādanādino ākārassa dassanatthaṃ sabbakāyapaṭisaṃvedī assasissāmītiādinā nayena anāgatavacanavasena pāḷi āropitāti veditabbā.


Ñ: Consequently the present tense is used here in the text, 'He knows: "I breathe in" … he knows: "I breathe out" '. But the future tense in the passage beginning ' "I shall breathe in experiencing the whole body" ' should be understood as used in order to show that the aspect of arousing knowledge, etc., has to be undertaken from then on.

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