Visuddhimagga VIII-170

Evaṃ ayaṃ addhānavasena ittaravasena ca imehākārehi assāsapassāse pajānanto dīghaṃ vā assasanto dīghaṃ assasāmīti pajānāti…pe… rassaṃ vā passasanto rassaṃ passasāmīti pajānātīti veditabbo. Evaṃ pajānato cassa –


Ñ(VIII,170): So it should be understood that it is when this bhikkhu knows in-breaths and out-breaths in these nine ways as 'a [long] extent' and as 'a little [duration]' that 'breathing in long, he knows "I breathe in long"; … breathing out short, he knows "I breathe out short" ' is said of him. And when he knows thus:

Dīgho rasso ca assāso,

Passāsopi ca tādiso;

Cattāro vaṇṇā vattanti,

Nāsikaggeva bhikkhunoti. (pārā. aṭṭha. 2.165);





Ñ: 'The long kind and the short as well,

The in-breath and the out-breath too,

Such then are the four kinds that happen

At the bhikkhu's nose tip here'.

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