Visuddhimagga VIII-173

Tattha sikkhatīti evaṃ ghaṭati vāyamati.


Ñ(VIII,173): Herein, he trains: he strives, he endeavours in this way.

Yo vā tathābhūtassa saṃvaro, ayamettha adhisīlasikkhā.


Ñ: Or else the restraint here in one such as this is training in the higher virtue,

Yo tathābhūtassa samādhi, ayaṃ adhicittasikkhā.


Ñ: his consciousness is training in the higher consciousness,

Yā tathābhūtassa paññā, ayaṃ adhipaññāsikkhāti imā tisso sikkhāyo tasmiṃ ārammaṇe tāya satiyā tena manasikārena sikkhati āsevati bhāveti bahulīkarotīti evamettha attho daṭṭhabbo.


Ñ: and his understanding is training in the higher understanding (see Ps.i,184). So he trains in, repeats, develops, repeatedly practises, these three kinds of training, on that object, by means of that mindfulness, by means of that attention. This is how the meaning should be regarded here.

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