Visuddhimagga VIII-87

Yathā pana asuciṭṭhāne gāmanissandena jātāni sūpeyyapaṇṇāni nāgarikamanussānaṃ jegucchāni honti aparibhogāni,


Ñ(VIII,87): But just as pot herbs that grow on village sewage in a filthy place are disgusting to civilized people and unusable,

evaṃ kesāpi pubbalohitamuttakarīsapittasemhādinissandena jātattā jegucchāti idaṃ nesaṃ āsayato pāṭikkulyaṃ.


Ñ: so also head hairs are disgusting since they grow on the sewage of pus, blood, urine, dung, bile, phlegm, and the like. This is the repulsive aspect of the habitat.

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