Visuddhimagga VIII-124

Pakkāsayo nāma heṭṭhānābhi-piṭṭhikaṇṭakamūlānaṃ antare antāvasāne ubbedhena aṭṭhaṅgulamatto veḷunāḷikasadiso,

「熟脏」的位置在脐之下及脊椎的根(荐骨及尾闾骨)之间,[PTS 260] 是肠的最后部分,高约八指(约八寸)如竹笋相似。

Ñ(VIII,124): The receptacle for digested food is the lowest part at the end of the bowel, between the navel and the root of the spine. [260] It measures eight fingerbreadths in height and resembles a bamboo tube.

yattha seyyathāpi nāma upari bhūmibhāge patitaṃ vassodakaṃ ogaḷitvā heṭṭhā bhūmibhāgaṃ pūretvā tiṭṭhati,


Ñ: Just as when rain water falls on a higher level it runs down to fill a lower level and stays there,

evameva yaṃkiñci āmāsaye patitaṃ pānabhojanādikaṃ udaragginā pheṇuddehakaṃ pakkaṃ pakkaṃ nisadāya pisitamiva saṇhabhāvaṃ āpajjitvā antabilena ogaḷitvā ogaḷitvā omadditvā veḷupabbe pakkhipamānapaṇḍumattikā viya sannicitaṃ hutvā tiṭṭhati.


Ñ: so too, the receptacle for digested food is where any food, drink, etc., that have fallen into the receptacle for undigested food, have been continuously cooked and simmered by the stomach-fire, and have got as soft as though ground up on a stone, run down to through the cavities of the bowels, and it is pressed down there till it becomes impacted like brown clay pushed into a bamboo joint, and there it stays.

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